OriGene招聘全职Data Engineer

Software Engineer – Data and Machine Learning

OriGene is a gene centric research tool company dedicated to the support of gene functional study and drug discovery. OriGene develops molecular tools, proteins, antibodies to facilitate life science research.

Position Summary:

We’re seeking for exceptional Data Engineer to join our team, someone who can not only design machine-based systems, but also think creatively about the human interactions necessary to augment and train those systems.


Rockville, Maryland

Job Requirements:

As an ML Engineer, you will:

 Develop data infrastructure to ingest, sanitize and normalize a broad range of internal and external data such as journal citations, clinical trial data, and gene information

 Build infrastructure to help us not only scale up data ingest, but large-scale cloud-based machine learning

 Work with a range of structured and unstructured data sources

 Design innovative data-acquisition and labeling systems, leveraging tools & techniques like crowdsourcing and novel active learning approaches

We are looking for someone who has:

 Experience with deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch

 Industry or academic experience working on a range of ML problems, particularly NLP

 Expert software development skills with a focus for building sound and scalable ML. Working experience with Python, Perl, and etc.

 Excitement about taking cutting-edge technologies and techniques to one of the most important and most archaic industries.

 A passion for finding, analyzing, and incorporating the latest research directly into the production environment.

 Good intuition for understanding what good research looks like, and where we should focus effort to maximize outcomes

Bonus if you have experience with:

 Developing and improving core NLP components–not just grabbing things off the shelf or learned from books

 Managing large-scale crowd-sourcing data labelling and acquisition (Amazon Turk, Crowdflower, etc.)

 Developing systems to do or support machine learning, including experience working with NLP toolkits like Stanford CoreNLP, OpenNLP, and/or Python’s NLTK.

 Experience with bioinformatics or statistical analysis tools


If you are interested in joining a fast paced and growing organization, send your cover letter and resume/CV along with salary requirements to jobs@origene.com. Please use “Soft Engineer – Data and Machine Learning” in the subject line when you apply for this position.

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